Thursday, August 4, 2011

trip to taiwan from china

Hi Everybody, how are you doing today? I have something interesting today for you. Can You believe if I say that you need to swim across the Pacific ocean if you want to go to Taiwan from China?!!!!! You must believe it if you feel that Google maps offers the most authentic directions. Look at the image here.

As you know, google offers the route instructions in the left side and map on the right. Check the 48th instructions lined with red color. The instruction says, swim across the pacific ocean. Great right?

Note, if you are finding it difficult to view the instruction, go to Google maps and on the left side you can see the get direction tab. Click on it and give china as the starting point and Taiwan as the end point. Now check the 48th instruction and laugh. Before closing it dont forget to forward this link to all your friends and relatives....


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