Thursday, March 11, 2010

Luminosity Brain

The term Luminosity mentions a quality of a particular thing in which it give out or reflect natural light. So we can say that the sun and stars are luminous. Luminosity brain is then obviously the quality of brain to emit light. Have you ever thought of having a light emitting brain? Have you heard about aura that is present around the heads of charismatic people? It is luminosity brain.

Do you think that possessing a luminosity brain is possible only for great people who have magnetic qualities? No, it is not true!!! Everyone on earth can have luminosity brain, irrespective of the age. The human brain is made of billions of cells named neurons, in which the information are stored, and get back when needed. A person becomes more lively and enthusiastic if he could use more number of neurones of his brain. Unfortunately, an ordinary man, who is well educated, will use only a few thousands of the neurones everyday. The rest of the neurone cells go waste, which can be converted to make you a super man from an ordinary man. That means you can have a luminosity brain instead of a common brain.

As discussed above, the routine work of an average man, does not offer him an opportunity to think fast or make multiple operations simultaneously or to give a perfect approach to make his brain a luminosity brain. But don’t worry, you have an option here. Think of brain games like mathematical puzzles, speed controlling games etc. You can get many of such games online for free or in an affordable price. These games help you to improve a lot. Almost all of them help you to solve multiple operations at a time such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Some other games offer you to have a proper coordination of eyes and hands, the ability to comprehend and the capacity to solve problems.

Don’t finish reading this article if you don’t want to be an extra ordinary person with a luminosity brain. If you want to have it, don’t wait, go ahead and find the best suitable online memory games in the internet. Stand apart from the crowd with a highly oriented Luminosity brain.


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