Thursday, March 18, 2010

Madonna Hospital

Madonna Hospital, a new generation specialty hospital in Angamaly is decanting a healthy affluence for the wellness of the common people across south India. After its inception in 1997, the hospital is proved to be an plus for those who are in search of cure for their incurable deceases under the capable leadership of Dr. Thomas Paul, who was behind the unprecedented growth of Madonna hospital as a Diabetic research centre. Dr. Thomas Paul has acquired his training in cardiology from Vienna and became an expert in Diabetics treatment from Germany after doing his medical post graduation from the famous Banaras Hindu University. Prior to being the sole power behind the fabulous growth of Madonna hospital and diabetic research centre in 1997, he was working as a physician as well as the doctor in charge of the cardiac wing in little flower hospital, Angamaly.

Under the capable hands of Dr.Thomas Paul, the Madonna hospital and Diabetic research centre is opening a new scenario of health in the areas in and around Cochin. The hospital provides a high quality services in all the health aspects. The hospital is blessed with an operation theatre with post modern equipments as well as medical experts and experienced doctors. The hospital is taking efforts to make its services available for all the sections of the society, by giving expensive and necessary services in an affordable pricing. That is the reason along with the diversity of treatment facilities that keeps the Madonna hospital stand apart as a leader in the health scenario of south India. The hospital has proved its potentiality in gynecology section, Pediatric section, as well as ENT section along with its excellence in Diabetic care and cardiac treatment.
The experience and dedication of Dr. Elsamma Paul, Dr.Krishna Kumari and Dr. Smitha Joy have been the stronghold of the gynecology department of Madonna hospital for a long time. The infrastructure of the hospital also is worth mentioned when it comes to the labour room. Every child delivery in the Madonna hospital is being done in an operation theatre that maintains international standards and also under the supervision of experienced senior doctors. Madonna keeps a special eye on the care of the pregnant women also to avoid high risk deliveries even though the hospital is fitted out for that.
Along with pregnancy and post natal care, the Madonna hospital also has facilities to take care of other women issues. The hospital provides keyhole surgeries to save the women from the unfortunate events of having lumps in either ovary or uterus. The gynecology department also is furnished to methodize irregular menstruation cycle and excessive bleeding during menses. Madonna is also being equipped to treat tubal pregnancy, Laparoscopic hysterectomy, Laparoscopic sterilization, Re canalization, ovarian cyst or tumor etc through keyhole surgeries. The Laparoscopic surgeries in the hospital are carried out by highly experienced proficient doctors. Madonna provides these services in highly competitive rates which are affordable.
Madonna hospital empathize the urge of people to have a child, so they provide the infertility clinical services for a human cause. The hospital renders a well maintained and balanced service to help the people do away with infertility and to start a fertile and splendid life. The hospital is equipped with facilities for the surgery to remove tubal block, Intro uterine insemination and impregnating surgery after fertility surgery etc.

Diabetic wing
The Madonna hospital is the centre for excellence in Diabetic care and health management. Madonna has a super specialty wing for diabetic treatment. Thousands of diabetic patients from different parts of the south India are getting treatment to have rescue from the silent assassin. The hospital also provide service to find out troubles brought by the Diabetics, such as the hidden cardiac issues, possibility of kidney troubles, problems with veins, Sexual incapability, ills in the feet etc. The new technology pens and the post modern insulin inserting techniques are being used here to treat diabetics. Various types of gluco metres are also available here in an affordable price here at Madonna.

Madonna is blessed with a cardiac ICU, equipped with modern cardiac treatment facilities such as the multi para monitors, defibrillator, external pacemakers etc. The hospital also have a non invasive cardiology lab that include color Doppler, Icocardiograph, stress testing, Holder monitoring, disoptonomia testing etc. All sorts of general as well as keyhole surgeries are common here. The general surgery section is led by Dr.Gurudas MS who was there in the Kottayam medical college and Keyhole surgery department is led by Dr. Denny Kuttikkattu FRCS. A special clinic for Hernia patients is being held on every Saturdays. Surgeries are undertaken here in Madonna for Appendicitis, stomach diseases, and Biliousness.

Pediatrics department

Dr.Sr. Geetha, who was working in Bangalore St.John’s medical college, is the all in the entire Pediatrics department. All types of vaccines taken for children are available here. Apart from this child care teenagers are also being cared well. Counseling and health checkups are given for teenagers along with the optional vaccines needed by them. The hospital also has an ENT department led by Dr. Kavitha Jidesh.
Health Check upS

Madonna is offering different packages for health checkups that include complete diabetic testing package and whole body check up. The diabetic check up package is an annual package. Special package for women diseases checkups also are done here. Even kids are being given separate health check up package here. The package of whole body check up include computerized heart pulse testing, risk analysis, tread mill test, lung function test, cancer finding tests, Ultra sound scanning, color Doppler test etc. Apart from the special packages, Madonna gives an annual whole body check up package in the name of Madonna Livelong. The program includes detailed lab tests, doctor’s tests, and expert opinions. The livelong program includes blood test, urine test, stool occult blood test, lipid profile tests, liver function tests, renal function tests, among other tests.
The Madonna is also keeps a difference because of its dedication. It has a 24 hour doctor on call and nursed desk. Madonna hospital, situated in calm and easily accessible lay to open new avenues in the health wizard of Kerala. The hospital location has a natural environment even though it is only in a 5 kms distance from the Nedumpassery Airport and only 700 meters from the National highway. The nearest railway station also is very closer to the hospital. The location gives mental peace and bliss for the in house patients as it is away from the crowded areas.


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