Monday, March 18, 2013

InstaLoad: A complete answer for your battery related issues.

Your mouse ceased working during an important online test? To restitute, you should replace the battery. The process by following the subprograms of +
or - direction demands a large chunk of your time. Microsoft understands such situations and introduces InstaLoad™, a new technology for people like you.

An InstaLoad™ technology, designed batteries in a way that they can be positioned inside the device in direction irrespective of +ve or –ve sides. This technology will bring you into more convenience when you use an instrument that has multiple batteries or, your device calls for frequent switching of batteries. InstaLoad™ is very much relevant with machines, that get damaged with an wrong insertion of batteries. This technology is a better sales tool for battery controlled device manufacturers, as it extends an efficient customer experience. You can use InstaLoad™ technology with almost all types of batteries such as AA, AAA, C and D and other cylindrical form factor batteries either disposable or rechargeable, irrespective of its size.

Rather than having a complicated electronics, InstaLoad™ uses a mechanical contact design, with a positive and negative contacts at both the ends whereas other popular batteries engage a design with a single and opposing contact at each ends. The InstaLoad™ batteries can be an added benefit for products such as Portable lighting, flashlights, battery chargers, toys, consumer electronics, mice and keyboards, and all other battery operated devices.

If you want to have access to the use of the made out patent and patent applications and a detailed technical guide on the InstaLoad battery installation technology you can get it. Microsoft offers sensible licensing terms for this really valuable product. Once a company gets the Microsoft commercial license for the InstaLoad, it can use the InstaLoad Logo on the packaging and marketing materials of these batteries. 


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