Monday, March 18, 2013

Mozilla introduces Firefox 3.6.4 with Craft Protection

Mozilla Corporation, the producer of Mozilla Firefox, the free and open source browser announced the release of Firefox 3.6.4, the most novel edition of the popular web browser. Even though the company kept the entire world waiting it for quite a long time, the final product came out with a very big addition in the security part. The new version protects the browser from crashing due to third-party plugins, particularly Adobe Flash.

The modified version of the browser, that is available with dozens of glitch fixes and stability upgrades is again free and can be downloaded from the website of Mozilla. Firefox crash protection is the most attractive factor that will entice an average user of the browser. This crash protection is an outstanding characteristic of Google Chrome as well.

This innovative engineering of crash protection employs out-of-process plugins technology to execute third-party add-ins such as Flash, QuickTime, and Silver light in a freestanding process. Till the previous version of Firefox, a plugin crash could let down the total browser software, where as now, with the addition of crash protection, the browser will keep executing till disabling the plugins and the websites controlling it. After providing the complete protection, the browser will only demand you to restart or refresh the plugins.

The most flexible browser with a crash protection is available only for Windows, and Linux operating systems users. Mac OSX users should wait for a little bit longer to have access to this crash protection. The Mozilla Corporation promises it to be accessible for Mac users in Firefox 4, which is expected to have a debut by the end of the year. The company states that the Firefox program necessitates major alterations, to make it suitable to work in the Mac OSX. This can be a preparing period for apple software.


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